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Reeve Vanneman

I am a stratification sociologist whose recent research focuses on changing gender inequalities in the United States and India. With Dave Cotter and Joan Hermsen, I have been trying to understand why the U.S. gender revolution of the 1970s and 1980s stalled in the 1990s.

I am in the early stages of a text mining project to study the cultural origins of the stalled gender revolution. Three core themes – distressed working mothers, opting out, and mommy wars – have been coded using traditional content analyses for over 2000 articles from three U.S. newspapers between 1980-2015. Each theme rose dramatically in the mid-1990s when many gender equality indicators plateaued. These coded texts are being used to train a computer coding protocol that will enable extension of the sample to hundreds of thousands of articles: back to 1950, across newspapers from many more geographic areas, and based on a larger, more randomized sample for each year.

With Sonal Desai and colleagues in Delhi at the National Council of Applied Economic Research, I helped field two waves of the Indian Human Development Survey, a nationwide panel survey 41,554 households. This panel survey collected data in 2005 and 2012 on the relationships of poverty, gender stratification, and social capital on health and education outcomes. Publicly available data can be downloaded from ICPSR, files 22626 and 36151.

I teach courses on stratification and inequality mostly at the undergraduate level, including more specialized courses on homelessness and research methods.

Office: Art/Sociology 3127   Office hours: Wednesdays 3:30-5:00 or by appt.
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Publications (full listing).

    Recent: Myroniuk, Vanneman, and Desai. "Getting a Child through Secondary School and to College in India: The Role of Household Social Capital." Sociology of Development 3(1): 24‐46.

    Recent: Thorat, Vanneman, Desai, and Dubey, "Escaping and Falling into Poverty in India Today" World Development 93: 413-426.

    Recent: Motro and Vanneman, "The 1990s Shift in the Media Portrayal of Working Mothers." Sociological Forum 30(December): 1017-1037.

Working Mothers in the Media

 Indian Human Development Survey (IHDS)

  Gender Inequality Trends

Indian district database project

Adjusted D-statistic program



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