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Crop data sources:

The primary source for crop data since 1966 has been the monthly publication, Agricultural Situation in India. For 1955-1965, the primary source was the two volumes of the all-India publication, Area and Production of Principal Crops, 1955-1965. These sources have several limitations:

Where possible, other sources such as state season and crop reports have been used to resolve these problems. This is a continuing process and eventually we hope to replace as much of the data as possible with fully revised data. However, at least temporarily, missing or erroneous data have been estimated from the most readily available sources. The nature of the estimate is recorded in the appropriate field on every record (see data format below). Estimates were made using the following methods (in order of their preference):

  1. Districtwise area data were taken from Indian Agricultural Statistics (or occasionally from Agricultural Situation in India) while production data was estimated from statewise yields as reported for that crop in that year in Area and Production of Principal Crops in India. When possible these statewise yields were further adjusted for each district by the ratio of districtwise to state yields for that crop in adjacent years.

  2. State area and production data were taken from Area and Production of Principal Crops in India (or occasionally from Agricultural Situation in India) and districtwise data were estimated from the average of districtwise distributions in two adjacent years.

  3. Where no statewise data were available for a crop, estimates were computed based on the nearest available (base) year, adjusted for ratios of total crop area and production (#581) in the estimated year and the base year.
The following districts have suspicious trends:
0408 (Karbi Anglong/Mikir Hills & North Cachar Hills:
Total area jumps from 85 thousand hectares to 144 thousand hectares and remains at that level, suggesting new areas were brought under the survey.

05 20 Darbhanga
Winter production in Agricultural Situation in India is reported as 11,25,631; this would be a factor of 10 greater than in the past or later; it was changed to 1,25,631.

05 21 Purnea
Winter production in Agricultural Situation in India is reported as 47,968 this would be several times less than in the past or later and would imply far lower yields than in neighbouring districts; it was changed to 1,47,968.

The following table describes the principal source for each crop for each year of data. However, occasionally, data for some states comes from a different source. Complete details of the source of all crops is given in the data records (see the section on crop formats below). Source codes:

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